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16 May 2011 @ 11:32 pm
hi, everyone.
my name's Raychel.
today is Monday.
and I don't like it.
tomorrow's Tuesday.
it'll be better.
18 September 2003 @ 08:44 am
most days I think I should write a journal. I have a big mouth. I whine a lot. I have strong opinions. I send a lot of email. and then I forget about it. and I never do finish what I start. and that's my problem. somewhere there's a balance between starting and finishing. I'm way off balance.

several years ago I thought I'd document my struggles as a living, breathing girl. and that it might be interesting. I thought someone one might care. and now I'm way past the point of caring about people caring. you can care. or you can not care. take your pick.

these are things that I think.

starting now.

the disclaimer. or whatever you call it. and I'm mad at myself for even writing this. but for people that do care... this is also me. my Virgo self.

and it's not in stone. it's not forever. some is fact. some isn't. these might change. so read em twice. I might take some away. I might mean it. I might not.

so if you're my old neighbor, my employer, or I'm dating your son... I'm still the Raychel you never knew.

ok what I'm trying to say is.. mom, dad... I've used drugs.

there. I said it.